Friday, July 18, 2008

We've had a busy Summer

OK, so we're doing this blog thing kind of backwards. Here are some pictures of Carly, our granddaughter when she came to visit. She loves horses and it just so happens that Kaity, Ben's fiance has a horse and they went riding.

We volunteered at the Bishop's Storehouse and Carly got to help number the boxes that came in from the delivery truck. She is standing next to Sister Walwork. She & her husband are in charge of the storehouse.

The next stop is pictures of Carly and our sailboat at Lake Millerton. Here are pics of our 1st Annual 4th of July Neighborhood breakfast which we hosted.


Pollock Family said...

So Carly gets to go to the lake but not Justin huh? I see how it is. Are you playing favorites:) Look at you adding all the links AND comments! You might be rethinking the comment section after a while though! Haha

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Of course, my memories of you are quite recent too, but I remember after y'all came to visit us in Utah, "How CUTE is she???" And, of course, how FOREVER grateful I will be for you tagging along with Liz to watch my kiddos for a few days while we scouted out Texas. What a woman!!