Sunday, November 30, 2008

Redecorating.......before & after

The remodeling and redecorating are ongoing. Here is a picture of the before and after above our bed. I wanted the lettering to standout on the wall so I just got our the clear caulking and 'glued' the glass in the frame. The decorating is a slow process and once I decide what I want to put where, I hopefully won't change my mind for awhile.

When We're Helping We're Happy

OK here we are volunteering at the Bishop's Storehouse. We try and help out when we can. They need alot of help, especially during the holiday season. Our job was to bag boxes of loose nuts for the food orders.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Running on the Blue Turf

Yes we did!! We went on the blue turf at BSU. Thanks Bobbie

And yet more Utah

More pictures of family from our Utah trip. What is a trip to Utah without going to the Golden Corral?? This is definitely Grandpa's "favorite" spot to eat in Logan.

More Utah

David can't sit still for a minute. If he does, he's fast asleep..... : o
Being the good brother that he is, he pulled weeds at Hotel Roberts in Lewiston.
Thank you Frances and Perry.

Visiting the Millers in Washington

This was another 'leg' of our trip. Off to Fort Lewis Washington to see more family!! I had my first solo ride on Doug's scooter. Yes, I did ride on the sidewalk. Doesn't everyone when they are first learning?

Trip to Utah

Melissa, Ron, Tim, Brinna

Utah Grandkids Marlo, Ryleigh, Carly, Tegan, Logan
We went to Utah for Logan's priesthood ordination. I can't believe he is 12 years old!! It makes me want to cry. We had tons of fun and took lots of pictures.

Tennis Partners

These are our next door neighbors Steven & Lorraine. We play tennis with them weekly.

Our Busy Summer

David had a BLAST deep sea fishing in Depoe Bay Oregon. I think the fact that he didn't have to tell about the 'one that got away' made the trip even more fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We've Got Our Mower

(She's mowing, She's mowing)  Kennedy helped Grandpa mowing the lawn yesterday and had a blast doing it!  

It's an electric mower and Kennedy quickly learned when and how to push the "off" button.

Look at this sweet little pair:)  They have the same smile!

Monday, July 28, 2008

And then there was light

Anyone that has been to our house knows that the lighting could use a little help. We decided since we were already remodeling it made sense to put in recessed lights above the bathroom sink and above our bathtub in our downstairs bathroom.

I will now be choosing new paint colors. I am thinking black cabinets and light grey/brown walls with creamy white trim/ceiling. Let me know what you think. 

Gotta Love Craigs List


Orange U Jealous?

We had our messy redwood trees removed a few months ago and decided to plant an orange tree in place of one of them. After a labor of love from David, look what we have. Is it an orange or a giant lime?

The ceiling will be started tomorrow.

The Remodeling Continues

More pictures of our closet. We are getting so excited. Today the sub floor went down. We designed the shell of the closet and ordered it from Did I say we are excited!! Yes we are. The dimensions of our 'room' ended up being 10'-6" x 10' +. Thats the size of a bedroom. There will be plenty of room for all of our clothes. Lots of shelves, drawers, places for many of my shoes, 2 built in hampers & a folding (& swiveling) ironing board.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We've had a busy Summer

OK, so we're doing this blog thing kind of backwards. Here are some pictures of Carly, our granddaughter when she came to visit. She loves horses and it just so happens that Kaity, Ben's fiance has a horse and they went riding.

We volunteered at the Bishop's Storehouse and Carly got to help number the boxes that came in from the delivery truck. She is standing next to Sister Walwork. She & her husband are in charge of the storehouse.

The next stop is pictures of Carly and our sailboat at Lake Millerton. Here are pics of our 1st Annual 4th of July Neighborhood breakfast which we hosted.