Sunday, April 19, 2009

High Maintenance Pooch

Our poor Bella is plagued with allergies of every kind. Scratching, digging and generally miserable we (I) took her to the vet, once again......
$260 later (oops, David didn't know all these details) we came home with 3 kinds of pills and a bottle of eye drops. The meds were for a bacterial skin infection, yeast infection, gooky eyes and an antihistamine. Now I have never claimed for her to be the brightest puppy in the litter BUT she sure knows when we are trying to slip her a pill. I am posting the process to get her to take her meds. We have to slice cheese, sprinkle the pills on it, heat in the microwave, mix and mash carefully camouflaging so she doesn't know what we are 'slipping' her.

Did I mention we are doing this for 10 days?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big Crash

We have not updated our blog for quite some time..... our new computer, well fairly new, crashed and we lost all of our precious information. The computer was too new to worry about backing up the data. We thought we had plenty of time to worry about a computer that might die. WRONG!!! So having explained why we haven't updated our blog for many months we now have no excuse for not doing it!

We will be posting pictures of our new storage spaces for food storage. We are getting very creative at our house. We will also be posting the progress on our kitchen. I will be so relieved when the cabinets are painted. Then I will want to replace the countertops. Poor David..... a husband's work is never done : )

Ok off to the kitchen to cut up and can chicken. What a perfect Saturday.....